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Mission Statement

Learning through play is at the heart of all the staff working in the setting. We believe that play is the foundation of development and learning for young children, helping them to grow and become confident as individuals.


Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Pre-school are:

  1. To provide a happy comfortable and stimulating environment in which the children can learn   and can gain new experiences to encourage their development in all areas.

  2. To treat each child as an individual, so that his/her needs are met

  3. To ensure that no child is discriminated against in any way and to give all children equal opportunity in all areas

  4. To encourage each child to develop effective relationships, promoting understanding and tolerance helping them to work, play and co-operate in harmony with those around them.

Special Educational Needs

Our own Special Needs Co-ordinator is available to provide the essential assistance and support for you and your child.  We are experienced in working in close liaison with professionals across the range of special needs, therefore if your child receives any additional help from any outside agencies please let us know as soon as possible, to enable us to help your child to reach any individual targets set. 



We operate an Open Door Policy, this ensures that:

  • Parents are always welcome at the pre-school

  • Parents can stay with their child until they feel settled

  • Parents can telephone the pre-school to check on their child at any time during the session


The pre-school has a wide range of policies covering many subjects, which include:

Equal Opportunities

Child Protection 

Special Needs

Settling in Policy

Complaints Procedure


Health and Safety


Anti Bias

Child Safety

Behaviour Policy

Student Placements


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