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Parents Information


The overall pattern of the day is outlined below -

Welcome, registration and discussion time


Staff welcome children and parents into the group providing the opportunity for informal chat before the session begins.  Registration, serves a variety of purposes with emphasis on Health and Safety and as a written record of attendance for children, staff and visitors. This group gathering, involving the, children and staff, allows time for the children to settle in, share news and is a time for the staff to discuss the daily/weekly topics with them.


Guidelines set Early Years Foundation Stage


During this period the children choose what they would like to play with, from a range of toys/equipment provided for them (see appendix). The activities provided are both structured and unstructured using the guidelines set in the ‘Curriculum guidance for the Foundation stage’, this is also time for observations to be carried out by the staff.


Tidy-up time


The staff and myself feel that it is very important that everyone is involved with tidying-up the toys/equipment.  Children are informed that they have ‘5 more minutes to play’ prior to mid-session, which gives them the opportunities to ‘finish off’ or do something they haven’t done already.


Drinks time


After washing their hands the children are given a drink and a snack whilst sitting at the table.  This time allows the children to rest for a period and is also a good time for adults to observe and listen to the children chatting in small groups.


After drinks


Depending on the climate the children are taken outdoors, to use the hoops, balls, parachute and climbing equipment or play football, circle games or run freely if they wish. When the weather is unsuitable to go outside, physical games/action songs are played indoors, a video relevant to the days topic may be shown.  The session usually ends with story-time and songs. (This is also the time that a staff member usually washes the pots and cleans the toilets, etc ready for the next session).


Home time


The parents/carers arrive to collect the children, they are informed of any accidents/incidents that may have occurred, this, is also a valuable time to exchange relevant information about their child during the session and any future events.


Snack Time

A selection of snacks are provided for the children on a

3-day rota, these include fruit, crackers and biscuits.

Also a range of different foods may be offered as part of our ongoing topics, to help towards the cost of these we ask for a contribution of 50 pence per week.

Assorted healthy snacks

Milk or Water

What to wear

Through play, children explore and experiment, it is best to send your child dressed in clothing that’s easily washable or not too new, as many of our activities can be messy. The Pre-school sweatshirt and t-shirts are available to buy, (although, it’s not compulsory for the children to wear them) these are usually in stock at all times.

Simple clothing which they can handle themselves will enable them put on and take off their outdoor clothes and to go to the toilet when they want to without being too dependent on other people’s help.

T-shirts available at all times



Sizes 3-4 yrs

5-6 yrs

Sweatshirts are available at all times



Sizes 3-4 yrs

5-6 yrs


Notice board

Parents are always welcome to use the pre-school notice board (above the coat pegs) for displaying  notices or selling items i.e. toys & equipment. The co-ordinator will pin up relevant information and general notices to parents. 


Remember to read the pre-school notice board regularly!


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