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Children cannot be admitted to the pre-school if they have diarrhoea, sickness, conjunctivitis or any infectious disease (please see exclusion list).

 If your child becomes ill, a member of staff will contact you to collect your child as soon as possible!


Below is a table of illnesses and the symptoms to look out for





Chicken Pox

Headache, swollen glands, temperature, body rash

10-12 Days

Pimples will appear in crops over 3-4 days and will develop into blisters which will dry and scab over


When ALL blisters have scabbed over a child can be re-admitted


Whites of the eye are pink, eye feels gritty and sticky, maybe a yellow discharge


Inflammation or irritation of the eye may occur and be especially noticeable first thing in the morning

Child can be re-admitted once discharge has ceased


Abnormal, frequent watery bowel movements


Onset may be sudden often accompanied by a sore bottom

1-3 days Medical advice may need to be sought after 24 hours


Child will appear unwell and may indicate area of pain by pulling or poking the ear


Gradual - may be accompanied by cold, sore throat, headache etc

If discharge is present, medical help may need to be sought and the child can be re-admitted once discharge has ceased

German Measles


Runny nose, sore throat, glands, sore or redness of eyes, loss of appetite


14-21 Days

Flat, pink spots will appear on face and coverage onto body may itch and disappear within days

One week after rash has disappeared. Pre-School MUST be informed to allow notification of pregnant women


Weeping red pimples around the mouth and nose


Distinguished by yellow/brown crusts

Until spots/lesions have completely healed


Temperature, sore eyes, light intolerance, cough or cold


7-21 Days

Rash of small flat red spots - temperature may rise sharply with the onset of spots

Approximately after one week of onset rash, child may be re-admitted


Temperature, muscle pains and swelling of glands around ears and neck


12-28 Days


Until swelling has disappeared


Forcible ejection of stomach contents, many possible causes

Onset may be sudden

48 hours after vomiting has ceased. If accompanied by high temperature and/or diarrhoea, medical help should be sought immediately



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